Sunday, 5 March 2017


I was going to name this post "How To Cope with Your Anxiety" but if we're going to be real, we have to understand that each mental and physical illness is unique to each person. Not every tip or trick is guaranteed to help everyone, nor are everyones circumstances the same. But saying that, I think it's worth sharing tips and tricks regardless because you never know who they could help!

1. Having my own space. My anxiety affects me in a way which means I sometimes struggle being in an environment where there's a lot of people around me. Having my own space is important for me to be able to 'function', which is how I like to describe it because I know I feel perfectly comfortable in my own company and it's my perfect escape when I feel overwhelmed. Find your perfect escape and use it to your advantage.

2. Training my brain. I have a funny little technique where I literally tell myself over and over again that I'm so excited about something even when I'm really not. I think if I tell myself I'm looking forward to something then I naturally start to think about the positives in that situation instead of immediately thinking of the negatives. Sometimes it is a full day job but it has worked to my advantage so far.

3. Doing more of what scares me. One thing I absolutely hate is talking on the phone, especially if it's an impromptu phone call where I don't have time to plan what I'm going to say. I work in an office where I do need to answer the phone and I never thought I'd say this and I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but I'm actually getting used to it now. I even offered to call somewhere for someone recently which is normally a massive no-no for me. Yay yay yay

4. Seeking outside help. Don't be afraid to seek out help from someone, i.e a counsellor or cognitive behavioural therapist. Find what works for you and I promise, you will not regret it.

5. Talking to others. The most important of all - talking is the biggest source of relief in my opinion. It unclogs your head whilst also educating those around you which hand in hand creates a much better environment to live in if you suffer with a mental illness. Make that first step now, it could be life-changing.

What are your tips for coping with anxiety/mental illness?



Sunday, 5 February 2017



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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


"I have sailed the world, beheld its wonders
From the Dardenelles, to the mountains of Peru...

...but there's no place like London"

A severe lack of photos from my trip to London over the weekend - I was having the best time with my best friend that I didn't even think about taking any. The best breakfast at Bill's, South Kensington, being tourists at Buckingham Palace, matching heels, being ultimate tube warriors, shopping for days and putting the world to rights. Thank you pal, forever and always.

Outfit of the day:

Heels, skirt, scarf - Boohoo
Glitter socks - Missguided
Coat - Topshop
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban


Sunday, 8 January 2017


I am certainly a creature of habit when it comes to giving up fitness-wise. This must be my millionth time attempting what many may call a 'fitness journey', but maybe documenting it on my blog will give me a smidgen of motivation. So here goes....


Be able to run 10k. I'm not fab at running but I am getting there at snail pace. I used to run frequently over the summer in 2015 and used an app called 5k runner, which actually helped my fitness improve so much. Me and some friends did a Pretty Muddy Race for Life event which was 5k and smashed it. It's not a race by any means and we know it wasn't the point of it, but we're go hard or go home gals so we really tried our best. We proved to ourselves we could do it.

Following on from that summer, I had a bit of a fitness blunder and more or less stopped altogether due to a number of factors, but excuses aside, here I am again, ready to tackle 5K runner and beyond.


Try something new. I tried Pilates once a few years ago and despite enjoying it I never went back. I'd really like to find something that thrills me and something I can't wait to do every week. I think I will add boxing to my list for now, I am yet to research my options.


Cycle more. I live in a part of England that is perfect for cycling, which is the Lake District. So I really have no excuse but to get my padded shorts on and spin till my heart is content. I have a bit of a fear of doing any form of exercise outside unless it's the unearthly hours of the morning when no one can see me, so that's another bridge I have to cross. I think I'd get so much more out of cycling if I wasn't so afraid of 'being seen', which is something I'm sure others can relate to. There's not an awful lot of time between the earliest hour I am willing to wake up or the time people start to get out and about so it definitely cuts my rides short.


Be able to plank for 2 minutes. 


Cook more. I definitely mean from scratch and not throwing things in the microwave (except to make scrambled eggs - who's with me?) I'm definitely what you would call an amateur in the cooking realm so I would really love to spend more time learning about food and nutrition and following recipes.

What are your fitness goals?


Tuesday, 3 January 2017


My big and small goals for this year and beyond. I'm not promising myself that all these goals will be reached in the next year but I can at least make a start.

1. Get fitter and focus more on my mental health and wellbeing. Get a booty, be able to run 10k and give practising mindfulness a go.

2. Work Hard, Play Hard; say yes to more opportunities both within and outside of work and really work hard on my career. But also make an effort to do more in my free time.

3. Learn how to cook properly.

4. Actually catch up with old friends instead of just saying that I will. And do more with my parents and siblings.

5. Open a savings account and start saving, saving, saving.

6. Write way more.

7. Read at least two books per month - maybe even a third if I can. I would like to explore more genres and enjoy non-fiction as well as fiction.

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